Live Vasectomy: Australian Addition

American doctor Doug Stein is on a mission that makes men lay their balls on the line, literally. Dr. Stein is trying to encourage men to do their part to lower global population rates and lower the impact humans have on the world. Dr. Stein is trying to save the world two balls at a time.

Sixteen Australian men agreed to get their vasectomies on stage in front of an audience. The reason they did this was to help raise awareness about vasectomies. Many men believe myths about vasectomies: that it will make your voice higher, it will make you less of a man, ext. Stein is challenging these ideas by performing them live; this shows the ease, simplicity and painlessness of a modern day vasectomy. Stein is travelling the world performing vasectomies and making a documentary about this.

He believes that the world is suffering from over population, and that this is taking a toll on the planet. I think vasectomies for Mother Earth is great, but I like one thing he said much more then the tree hugger angle:

…meaning that we would actually make a sacrifice, that women make all the time.

On top of wanting to save the environment and cure poverty through vasectomies, Stein also wants men to step up to the plate. He talks about men taking responsibility, taking the burden of birth control off women, and making a sacrifice that is usually placed on women (hysterectomies are more common, but also more invasive, have a longer recovery time, and a greater chance of complications).

I think it is good that men can have greater control over birth control. As I have said before, it is more socially acceptable for men to have sex, so why aren’t men taking charge of their reproductive capacities?

If I were a man I would be fighting for my reproductive rights for the creation of and access to more then just vasectomies.

For more information on Dr. Stein check out this article:


Leilani Muir

Leilani Muir was one of many Natives sterilized under the Alberta Sterilization act. It is her monumental court case that caused the repeal of the Alberta Sterilization act. She is committed to sharing information about the Alberta Sterilization act and fighting for the survivors. She is also in the documentary The Sterilization of Leilani Muir filmed in 1996.

Here is a speech done by Leilani Muir about the repeal of the Alberta Sterilization act. This speech was made on the 40th anniversery of the repeal in 2012. Muir talks about the importance of speaking about the past and how this will prevent that past from being repeated.

Alberta Sterialization Act

Thousands of Native people were sterilized as part of “the provinces’ systematic long-term program of forced genetic -and racial purification established by the Alberta Eugenics Board” (Savage). Eugenics was praised in the day of the Alberta Sterilization Act’s creation in 1928, and is the deliberate genetic manipulation of a population as an approach to racial purification.

This is a video by Prof. Gerald B Robertson made in 2012 on the aniversery of the repeal of the sterilization act. He is an academic who studies mental health law ans was an expert witness in Leilani Muir’s court case:

This is a video by Dr. Rob Wilson made in 2012 on the aniversery of the repeal of the sterilization act. He explains the reasons behind the act and the legislation used: