Intersex Rights

I have talked about both cis and trans women and men’s reproductive rights but what about those who do not fit those body types? Many are unaware that intersex people even exist, let alone about their reproductive rights. An intersex person is someone who is born with a mix of ambiguous genitalia, a mix of reproductive capacities, or a difference in chromosomal and genital sex. There are different types of intersex people but I must be clear it is not a choice. People do not identify as intersex they are born intersex, the same way someone is born Italian; it isn’t something you choose to be it is just the way it is.

There are many problems that intersex people face when it comes to their reproductive rights and control over their bodies. They get forced into the body of a man or a women through surgery and this can prevent them from being able to have children, or sexual arousal.

To shed more light on this topic I will send you to a Huffington Post video that has intersex people discussing the new change to German birth certificates where you can choose a third gender option:

To watch this


Queer Sex Ed. and Reproductive Technology

I know my blog may be a little heteronormative at times, but I am trying to find more information on other forms of reproductive technology. Just because you aren’t a cis-gendered woman it doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about reproductive technologies as well.

This video is a general explanation of queer sexual education:

One part of the video that I thought was very important starts around 5:20 and talks about birth control. An IUD is the only hormone free birth control available other than external forms of birth control like condoms. It is a good idea if you want to be on birth control but cannot or do not want your hormones affected. Another part of this video I really liked was talking about consent; in all cases consent is always needed.

Remember whether you are straight, gay, cis, trans or anything else it is always important to know the reproductive technologies that are available to you, and always have consent when using them.