About the Blog
This blog began as a multi-media project for a course on Canadian Feminism at Trent university. I enjoyed making the blog and decided to keep it going. This blog was originally used to only provide information on the history of reproductive rights in Canada, but has since grown. There are blog posts on abortion, birth control, and sterilization. There are also posts that highlight specific individuals involved in reproductive rights. There is also information on current reproductive rights in Canada and around the world. Reproductive rights are a particularly relevant lens to view the history of women in Canada: abortion policies locate women’s autonomy in the public, legal realm, while also attending to intimate sexual relations (Palmer, 639).

About Me
I am a third year university student. I am doing a double major BA in Gender and Women’s studies and English Literature at Trent University in Canada . I am a feminist and clearly passionate about reproductive rights. I cam currently doing a year abroad at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in England. I plan on earning a masters degree in Gender and Women’s studies after I complete my BA. I also have a feminist Facebook page that I created, that my friends and myself post articles on: https://www.facebook.com/FeminismForEveryone



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