Near Death Birth Control Experience

Local Peterborough woman has a close call with her birth control. The Peterborough native has been using tri-cyclen birth control. She has never experienced any side affects until now. Her arm was swollen and red; she had a blood clot. Doctors confirmed that it was caused by the tri-cyclen birth control pill she was taking. Had she not gone to the hospital the blood clot could have traveled and killed her.

Tri-cyclen is one of many birth controls that has estrogen in it. Birth control that has estrogen in it can cause blood clots and other side affects. For more information on the side effects of tri-cyclen try this link. There are progestin only birth control pills, patches, and injections available. There is also a completely hormone free IUD that can be used if you do not want to any hormones, but an IUD must be inserted by a health care professional. Personally I like the sounds of hormone free. I have read too many articles about women who have had side affects and even died from them (remember the Yasmine birth control scandal).

It is always important to know your options and to discus with your doctor/health care professional what is best for you. And do your research! Planned Parenthood is a very helpful website and even has this lovely chart to help you out. The chart shows the effectiveness of different forms of birth control. I find its good to get an idea of what you want before you go into the doctors, or at least have some background knowledge of your own.



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