Plan B is Right Where is Belongs

Most of the time my posts are about women dying because they do not have access to abortions, or the dangerous side affects of some birth controls, but today we have a happy story to report.

Plan B emergency contraceptive is now available on the shelves of drug stores right where it should be. Earlier I wrote about the age restrictions that the USA had on Plan B and how this was causing accessibility problems for those who need it. But now the pill is widely available in the USA with no age restrictions.

Here are some pictures of Plan B on the shelves where they belong taken by the followers of Planned Parenthood and The Center of Reproductive Rights:

It is great to see accessibility growing. It is great to see that now women in the USA will have more options when it comes to reproductive rights. Now all we need to do is make Plan B and contraceptives free to everyone.


One thought on “Plan B is Right Where is Belongs

  1. I agree this is a great step forward! One concern of mine is that they have not made the generic version of Plan B available over the counter yet. The generic version is considerable cheaper, so it seems that young women have the right to emergency contraceptives as long as they can afford a $50 pill. I’m worried that the cost will still delay and prevent some women from getting this pill in time. Great post!

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