Peterborough Pro-Life

Over 25 years of anti choice anger and I have never heard of them. I live in Peterborough Canada and attend Trent University there but some how have never heard of the Peterborough Pro-Life organization (PPL).  According to this article they protest every single Saturday outside the Peterborough Hospital. This blew my mind. I had no idea they existed. As a feminist and a supporter of choice and all reproductive rights I am amazed I have never heard of them. Thanks to a lovely friend of mine, I now know about them.

Although I have never heard of them they seem to have some friends in high places. Local conservative MP Dean Del Mastro assisted the PPL in getting information about the number of abortions performed. The hospital did not want to give them this information.

They want to put religion in politics in a time period where we thankfully have a secular state. One of the women involved, Mrs. van der Vegt., said this about being pro-life: “It’s spiritual warfare,”. She also said that she is protesting because it is God’s will. I disagree with her. The God I believe in respects women’s rights and knows that religion has no place in legislation.

If any of you wonderful people who read this blog live in the area I am thinking about maybe shaking up their Saturday routine by having a little counter protest. It will be a good warm up for the big protest in Ottawa on May 9th, the anniversary of R v Morgentaler.

I understand that people are pro life and that this is a valid opinion to have. Feminism is not about the choices you make it is about having a choice. My only problem is people who are pro life is that they want to take away other peoples rights when pro choice only wants to give everyone options.

Here is information on PPL if you’re interested:

Ali van der Vegt Phone: (705) 745-3820 E-mail:

Join the Peterborough Pro-Life Silent Prayer Vigil every Saturday, 10AM to 11AM. Peterborough Regional Health Centre 1 Hospital Dr, Peterborough, ON

Please do not email or call Mrs. van der Vegt if you plan on sending rude, offensive, threatening messages to her. I give you this information because it was on the article linked, not so you can do any harm. Everyone deserves to have an opinion and you should not be mean to them because of it.


8 thoughts on “Peterborough Pro-Life

  1. Hey there – came across your site when I was researching the PPL folks. I’m a local family doctor, working at the Ptboclinic ie right where these folks parade every Sat am. Recently I put up a sign stating choice on my office window on the second floor. Just so these folks and more importantly women who seek medical services at the clinic know there are places/providers at the clinic who are safe to see and support their right to chose. One of their group complained to the clinic admin about the sign and today 6 or so of them were outside with signs with dead babies on them. I can’t say for sure it was a response targeting my sign but I’m not aware of them protesting on the weekdays usually either. Anyway 10 of us went out with ‘I support choice’ signs during our lunch. All to say I wonder if they may be upping the ante in the next bit and we may try for more regular counter protests either on their Saturday stints or during the week if they keep that up. Will let you know. Thanks for the site. Cheers. Vanita

    • I’m glad you found my site and liked it. Knowing that there are doctors like you who support choice is always a great feeling. I would love to be kept in the loop if you organise more regular protests. I was also wondering if you would like to answer some questions (email or in person) for me and be featured in a blog post. I think it would be really great to have an actual doctors opinion and information on reproductive rights and on how the PPL’s protesting affects your work.

      • Sure I’ll let you know if there will be more organized protests. I think I may try and recruit some people to try and come for one Saturday per month. I’d be happy to talk with you as well. Email probably best. I am able to articulate better if I have a chance to think and write rather than off the cuff

      • That sounds great. If you do organize something I can give it a shout out on the blog and I have a Facebook page and group if you’re looking for more people to join. I will email you some questions when I come up with them.

  2. Hi Amanda. Just wanted to let you know we had our first counter protest today on Medical and Hospital Drive. With the days of graphic anti choice protesting this week it seemed like the time had come to speak out. Seems like a few people are interested in doing if more regularly. So we’re planning to meet again next week 10-11 for another peaceful protest. If you can spread the word I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

      • Went well. I counted 20 women, three children. There was a write up on it in Sunday online version of Peterborough This Week. I know of at least 5-6 people who are attending this week. Hoping for more. I have signs to share for any who need one saying ‘I support choice’. Saturday 10-11. Thanks for your help. Vanita

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