Abortion is not Bad or a Political Tool

Abortion is never a bad thing. If you choose to get one than that is your own personal decision. The decision you make about your body is always the correct decision, but apparently someone forgot to tell this to politicians. We know that politicians, especially conservative ones, often have problems with abortion and other reproductive rights but this is the first time I’ve seen abortion used as a political tool in this way.

In South Carolina, USA Mark Sanford and his team are trying to discredit Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch by using leading questions about her having an abortion. These questions are being asked by using “push polling” where a party says it is conducting a survey but is actually using the questions to discredit their competition. An example of one of the questions asked is:

“What would you think of Elizabeth Colbert Busch if I told you she had had an abortion?

This is a leading question because it implies that she had an abortion and that her having an abortion is a bad thing. Whether Colbert Busch had an abortion or not does not affect her ability to be a leader. It is also no ones business. Abortions should not be taboo and should not be used as a political tactic against opposition.

In my opinion if you have to resort to smear campaigns and dirty tactics you clearly are not the person for the job. If you are a good leader and have the ability to do your job you would be promoting that not discrediting others. I will never and have never voted for any party that has ever done a smear campaign.


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