US Company Sues Obama

Eden Foods is putting a law suit against the Obama Administration. This law suit is against the ruling that insurance companies must include birth control coverage under the new health care law. CEO Michael Potter believes that the use of birth control leads to immoral activities.

This is a ludicrous idea to have. Birth control is not immoral it is responsible. Sex is not immoral (as long as it is consensual) and being responsible is never a bad thing when it comes to sexual activity. Birth control also has other purposes. Men like Potter seem to forget that birth control can be used for more than the prevention of unwanted pregnancy; it can be used for other medical reasons such as easing extreme pain during Menstruation.

But what birth control is being used for is no ones business. It does not matter what the reason birth control is being used it needs to be accessible to all women no matter what job they have.
If you agree with this and are American please sign this petition: petition


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