Canadian Public Opinion

A year ago this month Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth tried to put forward a motion in the House of Commons which could have opened the possibility of re-criminalizing abortion. This may be old news but it is important news.

It was on April 26 2012 that conservative MP Woodworth tried to open up the abortion debate. Feminists fought long and hard for the removal of abortion from the criminal code and legislation. In 1988 abortion was dropped from the criminal code and the possibility of that being changed caused an uproar.

Liberal MP Lucie Pépin created a petition against MP Woodworth re-opening the abortion debate and 110364 (including myself) Canadians signed the petition. This shows the power of feminism and women’s rights that is in Canada. People may say we are post-feminism but actions like these stand for themselves. Canadians came together to tell MP Woodworth that he needed to back down. This is a sign of the power of individuals and collective in combating sexist, misogynist and/or patriarchical actions and attitudes that are still present in our society.

Here is the petition created by MP Pepin:


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