Morning After Pill in the USA

The morning after pill is now available over the counter in the United States. Canada currently has the morning after pill available over the counter in pharmacy’s so it’s good to see the US moving towards the left for once. The US has a long history of being conservative when it comes to birth control of any kind other than abstinence so I like that they are finally making the morning after pill a little more accessible.

Although the pill is still expensive its better to be available and expensive than not available at all. I know that in Canada you can find the pill on pharmacy shelves in the planned parenthood section, but they can be costly. They are around $45-60 depending on where you go to buy them. They are not a replacement for regular birth control and are not an abortion. They are only to be used during emergencies.

If the USA and Canada following France and have free birth control then the morning after pill would be needed less often and would save women the stress, money and illness that can often come from the morning after pill.

For more information on the morning after pill in the US read this article on Huffington Post:


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